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Workout Programs for a Symmetrical Physique

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Workout routines are always customized to ensure body symmetry; you’ll have to do the same number of repetitions, take on the same loads for both sides of your body. This is a given if you’re bodybuilder, but athletes are keen on using specific muscle groups, those that give the advantage in sport and competition. This is acceptable on the court or on the field, but chances are the muscles you use more often get stronger and develop faster. Sooner or later, the difference becomes visible, leading to health consequences like back pain, muscle strain, and an imbalanced physique.

Weight training is an essential part of an athlete’s workout program, since it ensures target muscle groups are accustomed to increased loads. This improves your game in any sport. Runners go faster with well-developed calves, thighs, and hamstrings. Weightlifters bear more loads with well-defined abs and stronger biceps, triceps. Bowlers back up form with perfect throws and a stronger forearm. The problem starts when you favor one muscle group above others, out of necessity or preference. Orthodox boxers offer a mean right hook, soccer players prefer to kick their goals in with either foot, and baseball batters choose to crack with either arm.

Have you ever seen The Lady in the Water (2006, Warner Brothers Pictures)? The character with the overdeveloped biceps is a disturbing example of how imbalanced routines lead to an asymmetrical physique. You have to invest in a proper workout program even if you’re fit enough to excel in a sport. Improved performance and a well-rounded physique should ensure better health in the long run. Strength and power aren’t the only factors involved in sport; coordination, agility, and endurance are just as important. You’ll compromise these qualities when you only rely on either hand or a muscle group to excel at events.

The solution is straightforward enough, though. Take on a workout program that distributes the load equally on your body. You don’t even have to compensate for an overdeveloped muscle group by pumping its counterpart. Routines which put equal pressure on both sides of the body, such as bench presses and pull-ups, ensure symmetrical form. You can buy Scivation Xtend online in nutritionwarehouse.com.au if you want to boost your program with enhancing supplements. Performance boosters are beneficial whether you’re into weight training for build or for sport, so long as these are formulated according to health and safety standards. There’s nothing wrong in going for “sport-specific” workout programs, so long as you balance these out with routines that maintain symmetry in form and in strength.

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