Friday, February 15

Myofusion Review - What's Inside This Supplement?

Many nutritional supplements exist in the market because they are commercially viable and some of them can truly help people gain results. One of the main concerns of other people who haven't tried supplementation is if the product will work or not. The best possible answer here is it depends on the individual and his fitness goals.

One of the interesting nutritional supplements out there is Gaspari's Myofusion. Review of this supplement's ingredients and their benefits are highlighted for further understanding of this nutritional supplement and how it can help you.

What are the ingredients of Myofusion?

Myofusion is primarily made of a pro blend which consists mostly of protein with high levels of six amino acid sources. Each serving of this nutritional supplement contains 24 grams of protein, so to speak. The probiotic content of Myofusion comes from the patent-protected Ganaden BC30 (Bacillus coagulans GBI-30, 6086). This component supports immune system function and digestive health.

Myofusion's probiotic component is stable and has survived varying temperatures during processing. It doesn’t require refrigeration and it can survive the acids in your stomach. And these have been researched to verify such claims. The best part of having such ingredients is that the manufacturer was able to provide a good-tasting supplement.

Quality standards for many supplements are no surprise as they are often manufactured in clean-room environments. Myofusion is manufactures in SQF 2000 facility. Their innovation and success in producing good-quality supplements also enable them to further improve some of their nutritional products. Bodybuilders and athletes benefit greatly on such innovations as these are mostly directed on their active lifestyles and fitness demands.


Myofusion is a great-tasting blend of protein and probiotic ingredients that are specially formulated for athletes and bodybuilders with demanding lifestyles and workout routines. It features whey protein concentrate, whey protein isolate, egg albumin, whey protein hydrolysate, and casein milk protein isolate. It also contains essential amino acids [EAAs] that support recovery. Free formula of aspartame and gluten are also available.

The immune system and digestive health are benefitted by this supplement the most. But as you build up muscle, lose sweat and fat, and utilize energy, this supplement is put into work mode. Of course, any fitness regimen won't be complete without proper food intake, a healthy lifestyle, and some important advice from your trainer and nutritionist.  With all these aspects in place, the results of your hard work will surely take shape sooner.

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